A Spoonful of Creativity – Day 24

A spoonful of creativity a day
Day 24

Today was one of those nice days where we had to go out early and got lots of stuff done (I am not naturally an early bird!). And the icing on the cake was finding an Art of Walt Disney book that I have always wanted but could never afford (it was originally $90) and I got it for $40 at Multimags. Happy, happy.

It is a wonderful book – it goes right back to the beginning of Disney and the artwork is just amazing. Lots of sketches and beautiful watercolour spreads. I was brought up on this stuff, in fact I learned to draw by copying stills from animations like Alice in Wonderland and Peter pan. I still have a soft spot in my heart for Disney.

Then I came home to some fun mail: felting needles (I had ran out of #40’s because I kept breaking them, clumsy needle felter that I am) and glass eyes – not for myself but for my little guys! The eyes are a little smaller than I expected. I can use them, but think I will have to order some larger ones.

Now, on to my spoonful of creativity for today. A teaspoonful today, just the beginnings…

of two bunnies…

Inspiring artist of the day: Abigail Halpin creates whimsical illustrations with a lovely, old world charm.

Art on my desk: Vintage photograph that I have always loved. Look at the ladie’s fancy coats with big buttons – fantastic!

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