A Spoonful of Creativity a Day – Day 30

Well, here it is – the last day of my challenge. It turned out differently from what I had imagined – I thought I would do a big variety of things and was surprised that I spent most of the time needle felting. But I have loved every minute of it. I feel inspired and excited to see what I will make next. I think that I will do this exercise again some time.

I will finish the mouse bedroom scene, which is going as slow as molasses. I had hoped to finish this challenge with a bang and get a lot of it done today, but hey ho, I had the sniffles and did a lot of mindless shuffling around instead. I did make a dresser though – out of cardboard. (My son suggested making one out of wood -“Just nail it together” he said in a helpful tone).

I took a little carboard box and cut it up…

Painted it and added large wooden beads for feet…

And made a little lamp out of a game piece and a piece of blue vellum…

Now I just want to add a wardrobe, pictures, a chair and possibly a door – this could take me a while…:)

Inspiring artist of the day: Art and Ghosts

Art on my desk: Queen of Hearts by John Byam Shaw, 1896

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