Calendar encore

Thinking of this for June or August:

Different lighting and focus:


  1. Frizz says:

    OMG – this makes my teeth hurt, they are SO sweet. I need to have this calendar!!! What a great project!

    I like the 2nd photo's lighting – it's dramatic!

  2. thingy says:

    I'd go with the second version too. I think a little too pink in the first one, but as always, so dang cute.

  3. mai s kemble says:

    June would be nice.. that's my birth month!! 🙂
    I agree, the second photo has a kind of drama!

  4. The Sice Family says:

    Cute as ever! Go with the second, I think. The first one looks as though they are playing dress up in a bedroom, the second one looks like they are on stage in the circus tent! Love these sooooo much! Wendy xxx

  5. J. E. Morris says:

    Each one is cuter than the next.

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