April revisited

Changed April. I think that this one is better:


  1. Sarah says:

    This one is better! SO cute…

  2. icandy... says:


  3. pupandpony says:

    Yes, I like this april better too. And being a September girl myself, I love the hedgehog!

  4. Vanessa Brantley Newton says:

    I like both of them he he he!! This is just darling!!! Did you finally get your package I sent??

  5. marie-louise says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow maybe for April showers?

  7. Ruth says:

    Are those cadburys mini eggs 🙂
    I like this one better too.

  8. Sweet Pea says:

    Real mini eggs would be too big, so I made them out of paper clay – not quite so yummy 🙂

  9. messyfish says:

    too precious!

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