Almost there. I have finally finished March:

July is the only month left, then it will be done!


  1. Little Green Doll says:

    Oh! It's adorable!!! Great!

  2. Vanessa Brantley Newton says:

    Oh My Lord how precious and wonderful is this piece of heaven! Oh I just want to jump in have tea with the little darling. It's wonderful!!!

  3. JammerSage says:

    Hahaha this one is killing me! It's too perfect. Once I buy and use the calendar, this one will definitely become a framed print for the wall.

    I love them all!


  4. yoon see says:

    This is so beautiful!
    Lovely as always.
    Haven't been here for long, coming good and wow you are so productive:)
    Keep it up!

  5. Annie says:


  6. Wipso says:

    That is just gorgeous. What a talent you have. A x

  7. messyfish says:

    oooooo i love this one! My birthday is in march, and so i am glad I really like the march one!!

  8. messyfish says:

    I have needle felted a bird mobile, and just posted about it if you want to check it out…maybe you could suggest how to photograph it better!?

  9. Jannie aka Chickengirl says:

    ohhhh I see miniature food!!!! I want!

  10. Sweet Pea says:

    The wonderful coffee pot and cup are from my mother-in-law, and I made the cake from paper clay. I have bought some doll's house miniatures, but try to make stuff when I can. It made me realize that I don't live a boring life when I was sitting knitting with toothpicks the other day! Fiddly, but worth it:)

  11. NanaBeast says:

    Knitting with toothpicks! Amazing! My birthday is in March, too. This is by far my favorite. I love the bear portraits on the wall.

  12. mai s kemble says:

    this is my favorite so far!
    just killer with all the cuteness!!!

  13. ratu lakhsmita indira says:

    wow everything is so delightful!

  14. Pam says:

    How charming! I have just discovered your wonderful blog and cute creatures through Small Works in Wool,as you are on her Good Stuff recommendations. May I showcase your work with this adorable little mouse, with a link to your site? You are so creative.

  15. emma wallace says:

    Soooo cute! I love her sweater up around her cheeks. It looks so comfy.

  16. Kit says:

    Way tooooooooooo cute, love it
    tahnks for the peek-
    Kit Grady

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