This seems a good time to look back over the last year and look forward to new ventures in this one.

Below are a few highlights from last year: My Little Red and the Wolf were featured on the cover of Stuffed magazine, some books that I illustrated were published, we got to visit Scotland to attend my sister’s wedding which was so much fun and I discovered a new love (obsession) of needle felting, and even made a calendar from the characters that I created.

1. Stuffed cover, 2. My Mom and Me, 3. My Dad and Me cover , 4. Pink Lady, 5. Pumpkin Baby, 6. Wildflowers Edinburgh Botanics, 7. Dornoch beach, 8. Day 15 , 9. Day 5, 10. March , 11. Day 21 , 12. Day 30, 13. 2010 calendar cover, 14. William , 15. Octave , 16. Happy Holidays

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Here is my list of goals that I originally posted at the beginning of 2009:

1. Get involved in Illustration Friday again and at least take part once a month. I am scared to look back on a similar post I wrote a year ago, as I was probably saying the same thing then! I do really miss the chance to work on something just for it’s own sake, so I will make the effort. I think I often feel guilty if I have a lot of work and feel if I am painting, it should only be for work, but I think it is good to take a break and do something different.

2010: Well, I didn’t do very well with that one! But once again, I am going to give it a go. I am determined to start participating in Illustration Friday on a regular basis this year.

2. Learn to stop feeling guilty about taking a little time out for other creative endeavours.

2010: I think I did manage to do that and want to continue experimenting with different media.

3. Blog a bit more.

2010: my blogging picked up over the year, especially when I set a project to do something creative every day in the month of September.

4. All of the above are non-work related. I think it shows that last year I felt a little overwhelmed with work at times and while I felt very grateful for all the contracts that I got, this year I would like to find more of a balance between work and time off.

2010: Yep, balance is the key, but always hard to find!

5. As for illustration goals – I really hope to illustrate more picture books and I would love to work on another book with my husband.

2010: Still a goal for this year 🙂

6. I want to keep sewing and making little stuffies – and here is a dreamy goal – I would love to illustrate a book with my stuffies and artwork. Something that will probably never come to fruition, but I think it is always nice to start the year with a goal that might not be realistic, but exciting to think about none the less.

2010: my dreamy goal has changed a little, now that I have discovered needle felting. I enjoyed creating the scenes so much for the calendar, and would love to create a whole picture book in this style.

Things have been quieter for me workwise, which makes me a little apprehensive about what this year will bring (the trials of a freelancer!). I know that if I stay positive and keep being creative, new opportunities will eventually come along.

I wish you all a very happy and creative New Year!


  1. thingy says:

    You are busy, busy.

    I look forward to watch your progress. Such wonderful work.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Twiglet says:

    A lovely thoughtful blog. Your work is beautiful and must bring you (and hundreds of others!) lots of pleasure. I wrote a little children's story a while ago and I am wondering whether I might be able to illustrate it with little needle felties. Your calendar is delightful and I could almost see my little robin flitting about on little farmyard sets…… oh I am day dreaming again! Well anyway, happy New Year and keep up the fab work. J.

  3. Jamie Meckel says:

    Hello Sweet Pea. i absolutely looooove your blog. it makes me drool and i want to eat it up, every crumb!! love it. keep up the great work and keep inspiring!

  4. Louise Peers says:

    just discovered your wonderful blog ,love your creations ,so sweet ! hugs,
    Louise x

  5. Stephanie Roth Sisson says:

    I've enjoyed seeing your work over the years. It gets better and more original and wonderful all the time. I love that you're needle felting. The beings you've created are so completely sweet and believable. I so look forward to seeing what you create this year- and if you figure the balance thing out- Let me know!


  6. Tracy says:

    I am in love with your adorable stuffy critters, especially your mouse! I wanna squeeze his little fur 🙂

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