Illustration Friday – Wilderness

Lions and tigers and bears (and creepy trees) Oh, my!

ink and watercolour


  1. Jamie Meckel says:

    always love your work!!!

  2. Shirley says:

    Oh my goodness! I love that the creepy tree has poor Dorothy by the pigtail! I'm so happy she's still on the yellow brick road with her slippers… and look at the lushness of those trees…simply wonderful work!

  3. ValGalArt says:

    normally i would be worried but i know you won't let anything happen to her or the sweet little doggie ๐Ÿ˜‰ love this sweet pea and so nice to see your always charmed artwork ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Andrew Finnie says:

    Aha, very nice, almost scary, but fun. A great combination.

  5. Alicia Padrรณn says:

    Very creepy trees indeed :o)

    This is fantastic Susan! I love the mood and the lighting and the point of view.

    Awesome!! :o)

  6. Tom Barrett says:

    Nice take on the Wizard of Oz! I had forgotten about the trees in the story. Great color!

  7. Sherry Rogers says:

    This is really quit wonderful! We just watched the Wizard of Oz about two weeks ago. . .

  8. The Sice Family says:

    Completely adorable, as usual!
    Wendy xx

  9. Alina Chau says:

    what an enchanting piece!! Love the wicked trees!!

  10. Kate_illustrates says:

    This is great fun! I love Toto! x

  11. cally jane studio says:

    Wow! This is excellent! Amazing children's book material ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Vanessa Brantley Newton says:

    Oh my how wonderfully fabulous and whimsical. You know you can tell a story with your beautiful pictures!!!

  13. Ruth says:

    Just saw this on Flickr….love it.Something about the trees I really like and all the white space around it.

  14. Fair Rosamund says:

    This is really cute!

  15. NanaBeast says:

    I LOVE Illustration Friday. And yours is a winner!

  16. lakhsmita indira says:

    this is very pretty!!!!

  17. Twiglet says:

    Love those trees!

  18. mai s kemble says:

    ooh lala!!

  19. Cyn Narcisi says:

    Wonderful! I just love it:)

  20. Eric Orchard says:

    Wow! This is a new favorite for me.

  21. joyfuljune says:

    I forgot to mention, that Lulu did send me a replacement calendar. Thanks, such cute little felty things!!

  22. Elin Pettersen says:

    I like your blog =)

  23. Twiglet says:

    I have given you an award – do pop over to my blog and check it out!

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