Summer Days

There has been a sad lack of illustration on this old blog in the last few months. I have been working behind the scenes on a book but as I never show illustrations that I am working on until they are published, I will have to find some other ways to get some artwork up here.

The distractions of summer have also kept me away from my desk, and here are some of the highlights:

My Illustrator friend Lil’ Kim was in town! We have know each other a long time over the internet, but this was the first time that we got to meet face to face, and she is just as lovely in reality. She had travelled all the way from Australia to visit friends and family, then she was going on to the SCBWI conference in LA. I arranged a little illustrator gathering at a local cafe and we had a really great afternoon.

From left to right is me, Paula, Kim and Suana

Paul was doing a couple of author visits in Ottowa, so we tagged along and visited The Museum of Natural History:

We stayed at a friend’s cottage for a weekend and Ewan got to camp in the backyard with his buddy

We took a road trip to Sackville, New Brunswick to attend an indie music festival called Sappyfest. It is run by a good friend of ours Jon Claytor

On the road

We are not in Montreal anymore….

We stopped off at Fredericton

And finally arrived at Sackville for the festival

We heard lots of great music….

The Felice Brothers

Julie Doiron at The United Church

Lullabye Arkestra

Daniel, Fred and Julie at The United Church, Sackville (Daniel Romano, Fred Squire and Julie Doiron)

Ewan learned some hacky sack tricks

And we got to see some of Jon’s wonderful paintings from his Easy Evolution exhibition
Paintings by Jon Claytor

Paintings by Jon Claytor

Paintings by Jon Claytor

Then we headed off for Quebec City

On the road again

We walked around the old part of Quebec City and there are tons of beautiful buildings

This one looks like something out of a fairy tale

We visited a beautiful, old church

And took a stroll along the boardwalk

Then it was back home to Montreal

We are finally getting used to being back home and getting ready for new routines when Ewan goes back to school. I want to try and make the most of the summer that we have left before it disappears too quickly!

Passion flower vine on our porch

I will try to post some actual illustrations soon and I might even get out my needle felting supplies again and see what unfolds…..

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  1. lil kim says:

    Hey that’s me! The photo turned out nicely 🙂 It was great to meet you in person Susan! And thanks for organising the coffee with Paula and Suana. Curious, did you ever receive a little package from me (delivered by my friend) in your mailbox? I hope it got to you. take care xx

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