May the Joy of Spooking be with you!

It has been a while since I have posted on this dusty old blog and will share some of our summer doings later.

I had to pop in and sweep away the cobwebs to let you know that today is the release day for my husband’s second book of The Joy of Spooking trilogy. It is titled Unearthly Asylum and is by turns a macabre and darkly humorous tale. Here is the publisher’s description:

Joy Wells isn’t like most other girls—not that she much cares. Obsessed with famous horror writer E. A. Peugeot, Joy spends her time dressing up in a dead woman’s tweeds and investigating paranormal activity around her hometown of Spooking.

Meanwhile the mayor’s assistant Mr. Octavio Phipps has also trained his sinister sights on the mysterious asylum. As Joy already knows, the embittered ex-punk rocker will stop at nothing in his nefarious quest to destroy her beloved town.

But when her pet frog Fizz becomes trapped behind the walls of a mental asylum, Joy must mount a rescue operation that brings her into conflict with Mr. Phipps again. Along with her brother Byron and their strange playmate Poppy, Joy soon uncovers mind-bending secrets straight from the pages of her favorite author. Can Joy get everyone out alive, or will they be trapped in the unearthly asylum forever?

Praise for Book One, FIENDISH DEEDS:

“This novel is for fans of black humor and real horror, perfect for those looking for a more literary R.L. Stine.” — School Library Journal

“Bracegirdle … is a witty, intelligent voice that reads like a not-so-bloodless Lemony Snicket.” — Montreal Mirror

“FIENDISH DEEDS hits the ground running with a feisty protagonist, unlikely allies, and a sinister adversary as it introduces a grand adventure touched with mystery, action, horror, and the barest hint of romance.” —

For ages 8 and up, available at a bookstore near you!

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  1. Oh sounds great! Just in time for Halloween 🙂

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