September musings

I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since I last posted something here.

My days are filled with painting a cute baby and his family. This book is especially fun for me to paint because the baby is based on how my son looked when he was a one year old and I have also been able to put in his special toy Boo, a very floppy dog who now looks a bit worse for wear but is still loved none the less. Here is a picture of him that I took a few years ago. I was blogging about this lovely photography book of children’s well loved items (not always soft toys!) and was excited to see Boo’s twin on the cover:

Even though I know I will miss summer, I am kind of enjoying the change. It feels cozy sitting at my desk sketching and painting while listening to Librivox recordings. I have even been thinking of getting back to needle felting and stuffie making. The cool weather makes it more appealing – humid days and wool roving do not go well together!

Speaking of needle felting, I have updated my calenders to 2011 and they are now up for sale at Lulu and Red Bubble.

I know that Christmas is ages away but I have been thinking about it a lot recently because I just received my Christmas card samples that I did for Pierre Belvedere this year and I also just got offered a Christmas book project which I am very excited about. I haven’t illustrated a Christmas book for quite a few years and they are almost my favourite books to paint (apart from getting to paint babies that look like my son). I love painting snowy, wintery skies with people bundled up in cozy layers.

Well, I had better stop talking about painting, and go and actually do some. Toodle Pip.

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  1. Frizz says:

    ooohh, new calendars. they are so charming!

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