Why hello there – where did the summer go?

I was immersed in illustrating a chapter book for Kids Can Press and it involved a lot of firsts. Not only was it the first time I have created black and white illustrations for a book but I had also worked on them digitally, which is a big, nay, a huge step for me. I am using Corel Painter and while it is a giant learning curve for me, I have had fun using the program. I am looking forward to making some colour pieces next and might use Illustration Friday as a jumping off point. Stay tuned…they may take me a while because I am s-l-o-o-w. Digital illustration is not any faster for me to create than traditional illustration, just a different process.

What else? I finished the picture book that I mentioned a few posts back. it is called Reaching, written by Judy Ann Sadler and published by Kids Can press. I just got my samples and it looks lovely. It also gives me a little lump in my throat because the baby is based on how my son used to look fourteen years ago. Somebody press the pause button please. Time whizzes by too fast sometimes and I miss his little downy baby head.

And I also got to illustrate for Highlights Magazine for the first time and have a little illustration in the September issue. See the little bunny on the top right?:

Now that September is almost here, I am going to start needle felting again – cool weather and wool roving go very nicely together. I want to make my little characters more poseable so I will be experimenting with making little skeletons out of wire then needle felting on top.

See you soon peeps.


  1. Constantina says:

    Congradulations Susan for attempting the digital illustration challenge…
    I’m sure your digital B&W artwork is marvelous…can’t wait to see all your newly published books!

  2. Jane says:

    I really love working in black and white myself. I find it quite liberating to think only in terms of light and shadow, and not colour. I’m sure your illustrations will be fabulous. Hope you’ll show some of them on your blog.

  3. Adam says:

    Hello Susan,

    Great work you have here! Congratulations on getting to illustrate a spot for Highlights! So cool. That was definitely one of my favorite magazines when I was a kid, and I love the fact that my nieces and nephews still read it today. That must’ve been a fun freelance project. Picture book looks great too! That must’ve been fun and very heart-warming to work on.

    I found your site from the illustration for kids website. You seem like such a delightful group of people! 🙂


    -Adam Hartlaub

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