Winds are a-blowing and the leaves are a-turning. Makes me feel like staying in, keeping cozy and planning projects for the winter. Knitting needles have already been clicking….

and I just dug out all of my wool roving – one step closer to needle felting some little characters again. Little Pippin who I made last year gives you an idea of how small they are:

I found this great site where you can make playlists of your favourite music and you can listen to other people’s too, so I am discovering lots of new music. Here is my first playlist: 8Tracks

And November’s Highlights High Five magazine just arrived in the mail with my first full page illustration in it:

Toodle Pip.

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  1. shirley says:

    Happy Autumn to you, too, Susan! Oh, I love little Pippin..and your amazing illustration in Highlights High Five magazine is fantastic..they do look as though the wind is picking up.

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