15 minute drawing and illustration friday

The theme for Illustration Friday this week is “stripes” so I decided to use this is my inspiration for today. As I said earlier, illustrator Melissa Sweet uses the 15 minute drawing as a warm up exercise and I was inspired to do the same. I wanted to find a way to loosen up and also create something every day. It is hard for me though to squeeze in the detail that I want to get and I am sure that is the whole point.

Working with watercolour, I will do five minutes, let it dry, come back and add more, let it dry then finish with the pencil. The total working time on paper adds up to fifteen minutes but the actual time including drying is probably more like 30 minutes. Now I have a feeling that when Melissa Sweet does these, she does the whole drawing in a oner. I’ll get there eventually – Loosey Goosey is my aim!

Novemberings 5 – pencil and watercolour
And here is some music for November: Novemberings

If any or you are inspired to try this, leave a comment and I would love to see your 15 minute drawings….


  1. Paola Zakimi says:

    she si cute!, BTW great idea 15 minute drawing, this let me thinking about my own processes.

  2. Cindy D. says:

    My goodness, adorable! A little old-fashioned bathing beauty. Love the parasol and bathing suit. And the super cute little cap! Great job.

  3. Constantina says:

    Wonderful idea Susan…for your drawing (she’s lovely) and for the 15 minute challenge.
    I tried it myself today…have a look…and thanks for the inspiration!

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