Novemberings – 15 minute drawing

So here it is, my last Novemberings drawing. I am not sure what I will do next – continue the 15 minute drawings into December perhaps? Or start the Sketchbook project that I signed up for? Or daily something else? I have seen a few people doing daily faces which is fun. I haven’t decided yet and have until tomorrow if to decide.

It has been a long time since I produced work so regularly that was just created for myself and not for work or deadlines and it has been a lot of fun and very satisfying. I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you feel stuck in a rut. Working on such small pieces isn’t as intimidating as large sheets of paper can sometimes be and the time limit helps to stop fussiness creeping in – important for me because I sometimes over paint and don’t know when to leave something alone.

I have also really enjoyed playing around with collage – I have never used it yet in my book illustration, not sure why, but this month has rekindled my love for it. And ink too – I had forgotten about the lovely textures you can get with a simple wash.

Novemberings 30 – collage, pencil and ink

Sometimes my little drawings are inspired by a piece of music and here is the inspiration for today’s:


  1. Sheila Barry says:

    I hope you will keep doing little drawings–I’ve been enjoying them so much!

  2. Constantina says:

    I have been very inspired by your drawings…hope to see more collage…and thank-you for introducing Vashti to me on today’s post…I love this style of music

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