Why hello there. After such a long blogging hiatus, it is hard to know where to begin. So here are some snippets from the last six months:

I saw Ane Brun perform and it was absolutely wonderful. I gave her a print of my illustration that was inspired by her song “Undertow”

My lovely son turned sixteen.

July and August
I worked for most of the summer but we did have some had some beautiful days filled with music and sunshine.

We adopted a sausage dog! We went to a sausage dog race at our local park and the adoption society was there with a couple of dogs. We met Emma and it was love at first sight.

She is two years old, very sweet, cuddly and strong willed, all wrapped up in a very cute bundle with incredibly short legs. She may appear in some of my future illustrations…

Then it was back to school – this is a picture of Ewan’s first day of kindergarten and first day of grade eleven – Oh, how time flies.

More work. I have been working on a series of books featuring my little needle felted characters and I finished book three.

And of course, we celebrated Halloween.

I have just started working on the fourth Little Poppets book – I can’t wait to show you some images from them. Today, I am building a garden shed for Mole and I think it might be my favourite thing that I have made so far.

It is starting to feel quite wintery around here and I am looking forward to making lots of soup, snuggling with our dog and of course, blogging on a more regular basis.

Here is some more music to finish off with. I only discovered Sam Lee very recently and am completely hooked.

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