Little Poppets

I am so glad to be able to show you the covers of my first two Little Poppets books. These books were a labour of love. Mole, Mouse, Pippin and Rose have been with me for quite a while now and it was a lot of fun to create a little world for them. I needle felted the characters (these ones have pipe cleaner skeletons so that they were poseable), made the sets and a lot of the props, and used doll’s house miniatures for things that I was unable to make myself such as crockery and cutlery. I then posed and photographed them in the scenes.

The very talented Paula Metcalf wrote perfectly sweet and funny stories for my characters and I am hoping that little toddlers will love these little lift-the-flap books as much as I do.

Published by Campbell Books, April 2013

Published by Campbell Books, April 2013

There will be four books in all – the second two will be released this September. Happy Birthday, Mole and Mouse’s Sock Tree will come out in April, 2013 and are available for pre-order now at: and


  1. deniz says:

    Adorable! Can’t wait to share them with my niece and nephew!

  2. Carol Baicker-McKee says:

    These look incredible, Susan! So much expression in their postures and the details are lovely. I wish you much success with them.

  3. lidido says:

    love it! really

  4. Susan says:

    My 2 and a half year old daughter loves these books, I think its a combination of the flaps and the detail in the pictures. She particularly loved the bed side candle in the sock tree book.

    Can you tell us what the next two book titles are?

  5. Susan says:

    Thanks! I loved making these books. I completed the artwork for the other two titles but for now, have not yet been published.

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