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February again

Still putting together the calendar. All the little details seem to take me an age, even though the result might be quite simple. I think I will re-photograph it tomorrow, and try a watercolour background. Elements are almost finished for a hedgehog in the rain. More tomorrow 🙂

Happy Halloween!

Look’s like a quiet Halloween for us this year. Our son just came down with the flu, which thankfully looks like a mild case. So we will stay in, keep cozy and watch a bunch of movies. Maybe I will squeeze in a little calendar making too 😉 I only have a couple more months […]

Calendar encore

Thinking of this for June or August: Different lighting and focus:

Calendarings continued


Calendar ponderings

Still trying to get the calendar together and thinking of this for the December page:I played around with the lighting a bit and quite like the softness of this one. Whatcha think?