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Our birthday boy

It feels like we only blinked our eyes for a moment and he went from this: Ewan in his grandparent’s back yard to this: Ewan in the chill out zone at La Ronde Fairground It’s hard to believe that our son turned fourteen yesterday and he is still the sweet boy that he has always […]

Blogging sisters

Ever since we were small, my sister and I have loved to make things. As adults, we still love to sew and paint and mess around with collage supplies and if we can work on projects in the same room, it’s even more fun. Unfortunately, we don’t get to work on arty projects together as […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer

I seem to have fallen off the face of blog world. I think it is due to losing some of my blogging mojo, which is no fun. I am hoping that the doings of summer will inspire me to start posting more often. What is the point of having a lovely, shiny new blog and […]


Welcome to my new website! I hope you have fun looking around as much as I do. I love that my blog and website are all in one place and that I am now able to regularly update my portfolios. Yay! And thanks so much to my friend and author Jill Murray who created this […]

Granny Esme and Robert the Woodsman off to their home

Granny Esme and Robert the woodsman have been sitting around waiting for me to finally finish the cat that was commissioned to go with them. I hadn’t made a needle felted piece with wire inside before, so it was a bit more fiddly but I like the end result. The wire give much more structure […]