Weekly inspirations – 1

One of the reasons that I haven’t been blogging so much is that I often work on projects that can’t be shared until they are published. So I thought I might share the artists and music that inspire me on a regular basis.

Inspired by: Mister Finch

Mister Finch and large moth

I came across Mister Finch’s Etsy shop a while ago but only recently discovered that he has a blog. Mr Finch is a textile artist based in England who creates wonderful creatures and objects that celebrate the beauty of things old and worn. If Miss Havisham had a cabinet of curiosities, Mr. Finch’s work would be in it.

Flowery moths by Mister Finch

He works with vintage fabrics and found objects, finishing them off with stains and dyes. All of his pieces have a delicate subtlety to them and remind me of little lost treasures that you might find in a long forgotten trunk. Love.

Textile toadstools by Mister Finch

So make yourself a nice cup of coffee or beverage of your choice, draw up a chair and be prepared to stay a while: Mr Finch

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I want to wish you all a year filled with fun and creativity. I have had a mellow and restful holiday and now feel ready to get back to work. I have a couple of projects on the go, excited about some books coming out in the spring and generally looking forward to being more creative and productive. Hopefully, this will mean blogging on a more regular basis too. So, onwards and upwards!


It’s getting cold out there. Emma starts to tremble even before I put her little winter coat on. Snoozing on a warm wool blanket is her favourite thing to do – a girl after my own heart.

I haven’t done any sewing for ages but falling snowflakes got me in the mood to make some little winter belles:


And until December 12th, everything in my shop has free shipping worldwide – Happy Holidays!


Why hello there. After such a long blogging hiatus, it is hard to know where to begin. So here are some snippets from the last six months:

I saw Ane Brun perform and it was absolutely wonderful. I gave her a print of my illustration that was inspired by her song “Undertow”

My lovely son turned sixteen.

July and August
I worked for most of the summer but we did have some had some beautiful days filled with music and sunshine.

We adopted a sausage dog! We went to a sausage dog race at our local park and the adoption society was there with a couple of dogs. We met Emma and it was love at first sight.

She is two years old, very sweet, cuddly and strong willed, all wrapped up in a very cute bundle with incredibly short legs. She may appear in some of my future illustrations…

Then it was back to school – this is a picture of Ewan’s first day of kindergarten and first day of grade eleven – Oh, how time flies.

More work. I have been working on a series of books featuring my little needle felted characters and I finished book three.

And of course, we celebrated Halloween.

I have just started working on the fourth Little Poppets book – I can’t wait to show you some images from them. Today, I am building a garden shed for Mole and I think it might be my favourite thing that I have made so far.

It is starting to feel quite wintery around here and I am looking forward to making lots of soup, snuggling with our dog and of course, blogging on a more regular basis.

Here is some more music to finish off with. I only discovered Sam Lee very recently and am completely hooked.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Pippin and his Little Poppet pals are visiting Bologna Children’s Book Fair this week – how exciting!