Januaries – daily drawings

I don’t talk much about my personal life here and that is a deliberate choice. I like to keep this blog a happy place where I share my thoughts about creativity and work. But I do want to say that 2011 was a tough year. I experienced a lot of changes in my life, not all of them welcome.

I want to look ahead this year and focus on the positive things that are in my life. I feel grateful that I get to draw and paint every day for a living, which is a wonderful thing. The daily drawings that I started have also become very important to me – little pockets of something that help me to remember that creating for its own sake is a good thing.

I have a bunch of work to keep me busy for the next few months and want to give it the time and focus it needs, so these little drawings might be more sporadic and will be squeezed in here and there and posted when I have the time. Maybe I will even leave it to a weekly update – might be interesting to see them in groups.

For now, here are the last few days:

Januaries 5 – 15 minute drawing, collage and ink

Januaries 6 – 15 minute drawing, collage and ink

Januaries 7 – 15 minute drawing, collage, acrylic and ink

I want to wish everyone a very happy and creative 2012.

Januaries – daily drawings

The daily drawings haven’t worked out so far so I did like a flurry of them today. It’s freezing outside, so sometimes drawing snowy scenes is preferable to being out in them.

It snowed a bit over the holidays – Januaries 2, 15 minute drawing, pencil and ink

Grocery shopping in a sharp January wind is never fun – Januaries 3, 15 minute drawing, collage, pencil and ink

Winter – Januaries 4, 30 minute drawing, pencil, ink and acrylic

Januaries – daily drawings

My drawings fell by the wayside a bit over the holidays. I had wanted to start with a drawing on the first of January but perhaps I can play catch up over the next few days.

Januaries 1 – 30 minute drawing, collage, pencil, ink and acrylic

Decemberings – daily drawings

Mole got some new books for Christmas.

Decemberings 28 – 1 hour drawing, pencil and ink

Decemberings – daily drawings

I had wanted to do this one for Christmas Eve, but well, you know, things got a little busy. Maybe little mole is having a well deserved rest after all the holiday festivities.

Decemberings 27 – 15 minute drawing, charcoal pencil and ink