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Great Goose Egg Auction

I painted two eggs for The Great Goose Egg Auction which benefits the Open Fields School I think on-line bids can be placed now and the actual action happens on Saturday, May 8th at 1.30pm. Here is my contribution:

Robert and his trusty axe

Robert the woodsman is finally finished. I made him a belt out of felt and a copper finding, added hair made from wool roving and made his axe from vintage wool and a scrap of shiny fabric: Once I have finished needle felting the cat, I will take a group shot of them all together.

Granny Esme's bonnet and Robert gets some trousers

Granny’s bonnet is made from vintage muslin: She just needs some hair and footwear, and she is done: Robert is now sporting a pair of tartan trews: With suspenders, of course: *Edit*Just finished Granny – here she is with hair and fancy slippers: And here is Granny Esme with the beginnings of a cat. The […]

Granny Esme gets a new outfit and Robert the Woodsman grows a fine moustache

I have so much fun making the clothes for the dolls. It’s a process of trial and error and I am never sure how they will turn out. I used to make doll’s clothes the same way when I was a child, so I get quite a nostalgic feeling when I am sewing. The fabric […]

Granny and Woodsman dolls

Last year, I was asked to make a Red Riding Hood doll and the wolf for a Red Riding Hood archive in a Connecticut library: The library recently got back to me and asked if I would be interested in making the granny, the woodsman and a cat to go with them. I started the […]