Hello! This website and blog has been neglected for quite a while. I have still been working in the background. Not so much illustration, but have been painting and making some things that I will share with you at a later date. I have also been experiencing a bit of a creative slump especially when it comes to illustration. And the lack of working on it feeds a lack of confidence and the hamster wheel of procrastination begins…..

I think every artist goes through artist’s block at at some point but it can feel difficult to know where to begin to get out of it. So I thought I would share a little exercise with you today that might be fun for you to try.

A while ago, I created a template drawing that I use when I do illustration presentations. It is just a simple body shape that can easily be turned into a human, animal or fantastical creature. I originally created it for when I was talking about character creation and it was a nice way for children to use it as a jumping off point for their own ideas. It also helped to avoid that feeling of anxiety that sometimes appears when staring at a blank page and wondering where to start.

I now work part-time in an after school program at an elementary school and started handing them out as colouring pages and it was interesting to see how much the kids love them. I don’t say anything about them – children just naturally have such great imaginations that all sorts of characters quickly develop on the page. 

One day I was sitting with a few children and started doodling on one of the pages and came up with this little character:

She stayed in my head and so I felt I needed to develop her a little more…she isn’t quite finished but I felt like sharing with you today.

It has been quite a while since I have worked on any illustrations, so it was fun to feel so inspired. I like this character and feel that there is scope to work on her and develop her environment a little more.

So if you are ever stuck, wondering what to draw and where to begin, perhaps start with a very simple image, photocopy it then doodle away to your heart’s content without worrying about whether it will be a “good” drawing or not. And if you come up with something that you like, you can then develop it further.

This has taught me that the template works for adults too! I would love to hear what you do to get out of a creative slump.

It has been fun sharing with you today and I hope to be back on a more regular basis.

Turn the page

Oh hello…been a while hasn’t it? I am back to see if I can get into the swing of blogging again – I do miss it.

While this blog has been sleeping, behind the scenes there have been new experiences, some travel and a couple of books illustrated and published. I look forward to sharing what I have been up to on a more regular basis.

Montreal has been hit with its first big snowstorm of the year. Everything is hushed and soft and it really looks quite magical. Perhaps this is a perfect place to begin again – everything sparkling and full of promise, a new chapter….so let’s turn the page….

Little Poppets

Pop! Today is the release day for my first two Little Poppet books in the UK. I am really excited about these books and hope that children love them too. I haven’t received my actual book samples yet, so will leave you with an interior spread from Happy Birthday, Mole, except in reality, each page has a flap so you will have to use your imagination!

Here are the Amazon UK links:

Happy Birthday, Mole

Mouse’s Sock Tree

I am not sure when they are coming out in the U.S. but they will be released in Canada May 28th.

Illustration Friday – Egg

Well it has been a while since I have contributed to Illustration Friday – I have missed it. All the springy weather out there got me inspired. Hope everyone is having a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend.

cardboard tag, acrylic, pencil, digital textures

Little Poppets

I am so glad to be able to show you the covers of my first two Little Poppets books. These books were a labour of love. Mole, Mouse, Pippin and Rose have been with me for quite a while now and it was a lot of fun to create a little world for them. I needle felted the characters (these ones have pipe cleaner skeletons so that they were poseable), made the sets and a lot of the props, and used doll’s house miniatures for things that I was unable to make myself such as crockery and cutlery. I then posed and photographed them in the scenes.

The very talented Paula Metcalf wrote perfectly sweet and funny stories for my characters and I am hoping that little toddlers will love these little lift-the-flap books as much as I do.

Published by Campbell Books, April 2013

Published by Campbell Books, April 2013

There will be four books in all – the second two will be released this September. Happy Birthday, Mole and Mouse’s Sock Tree will come out in April, 2013 and are available for pre-order now at: and